Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

The Highest Quality Protection In The World

9h Hardness

A hard wearing, ceramic clear coat which provides superior resistance to scratching and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.

Professional Installation

Once applied the Opti Coat cross links and forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface.

All Vehicles

We offer services for Motorcycles , Boats, Recreational Vehicles , Trailers, Planes, and even Bicycles.

Super Hydrophobic

Once your vehicle is coated your maintenance regiment becomes much easier and safer to maintain.

Our Services

International Detailing Association  Skills Validated Certified Detailer 

Bring life back to your vehicle.

For the Ultimate Protection for your vehicle’s interior carpets and other accessories. 

The Ultimate Ceramic Coating protection for your vehicle’s Paint, Wheels, and interior surfaces 

3 year protection for your windshield against the elements, installed for safer driving visibility 

Here at Auto Image Specialist we take great pride in our detailing services and the vehicles that we get to work with. Some people believe a detail is a wash and wax, others know a detail means endless hours of perfecting a vehicle. Which is why we here at AIS offer a variety of services to meet all the needs of our clients.

AIS Auto Spa was created here in Uptown Charlotte for owners who share the same love and passion for vehicles as we do. We understand that your vehicle is an investment which should be properly maintained and protected as one .We will always strive to reach perfection and will treat every vehicle professionally.

We believe that we must inform our clients first to properly diagnose their vehicle. According to their desired results expected we will recommend the correct treatment. Contact us today or stop by the shop if you are interested in fully rejuvenating your vehicle, or simply giving your vehicle the maintenance wash that it deserves. We can provide the right environment, the proper diagnosis, and the correct treatment for a truly professional detail experience.

“Drive Protected”

Charlottes Auto Spa Home For your Professional Auto Detailing

Whether  it be you Classic, Custom, Exotic or the Family Vehicle we have a variety of services that will fit all your needs. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Are you a car enthusiast?

Did you Just buy a new car and already notice small scratches from the dealership?

Do you take your vehicle to the local drive through car wash?

Do you have a pet?

Do you have kids?

Do you smoke?

If you answered YES to any of these questions your vehicle most likely needs a Detail.

Most detail services that are provided are simply a wash, wax and vacuum. We do not consider this a detail here at AIS. We refer to this as our maintenance wash. We recommend that your vehicle receives one of these maintenance washes every few weeks for a proper maintenance regiment . A true detail means getting your vehicle in the absolute best condition possible, not just covering up any potential problems. This could mean hours of correcting the paint using the best techniques, tools, and products. Using the correct techniques we can remove all defects while still conserving your paints clear coat. We go above and beyond to fully reset your interior and eliminate any unwanted lingering contaminates. Once again, we use nothing but the best tools and techniques when attacking unwanted lingering smells, stains, and debris that have accumulated over time.  A True Detail may take up to 20 plus hours to fully reset your vehicle. That is why we have built a shop here in Uptown to provide a professional experience like no other. 

Although we are an APPOINTMENT ONLY shop, we encourage you to stop by to receive a quote. You may also give us a call or e mail to discuss services. We do not have a set price, prices listed are a rough estimate of previous services.To recommend a service that meets each clients needs we must first fully assess the condition of the vehicle . 

The length of time for each detail will vary. Time varies because of color, size, model of vehicle and the paint used on your vehicle. AIS will tailor each detail to your specific needs. However, our maintenance washes will average around an hour to complete. Full details can range from 6 hours to 20 plus hours. For example, our Bronze Detail for a four door vehicle will average 3 hours for interior and an additional 3 hours for exterior. All ceramic coating services we recommend your vehicle stay over night to properly cure in a protected environment.   

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