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Want to get the best service for your vehicle? All you need to do is sign up for our membership program today! For the absolute best deal that is available in the Charlotte region .

Membership Includes


Once you become a member you will never have to worry about the appearance of your vehicle again. We provide you with two of our maintenance washes in each membership package. First the silver package will receive two exterior washes to always get you looking your best on the road. This is simply our full service wash with a proper dry down and then a layer of sealant is added to provide extra protection against the elements. Then We also offer our gold package witch will provide the ultimate treatment for your vehicle. You will receive the two washes per month along with a light wipe down of all interior surfaces, and a maintenance vacuum to get you feeling and looking like you just received a full detail again. This is the best offer that is on the market compared to any other companies who would offer this same type of service but instead of calling it a maintenance wash they use the word “detail” and charge a price compared to our full details. Once again is the two maintenance washes a month for that price. Our location make easy access for anyone living in the uptown area. 


Maintenance wash

$ 120
/ monthly
  • Exterior Maintenance Wash
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Wheels and Tires Dressed
  • Wheel Wells Dressed
  • Door Jams Wiped Down
  • Dried With Compressed Air and Fresh Microfibers Towels

Maintenance Wash

$ 180
/ monthly
  • Exterior Maintenance Wash
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Wheels and Tires Dressed
  • Wheel Wells Dressed
  • Dooor Jams Wiped Down
  • Interior Light wipe down
  • Interior Vacuumed Thoroughly

why NOt the 

local car wash

The number one problem that we see on vehicles that come in is micro-marring. The client will say I get my car washed every week it doesn’t need a detail.  Little do they know that everyone of those washes is doing tremendous damage to their vehicles paint. Just one wash can lead to thousand of tiny scratches that we like to call micro- marring. 

On the left we see how this micro marring leads to a dull hazed looked in your vehicles paint. On the right is the paint after it has been through a paint correction process. We recommend becoming a member to avoid the headaches that come along with a 10 dollar car wash. 

Arty projects

You just bought your dream vehicle, do you have a maintenance regime planned to keep your vehicle looking its absolute best?
If you do, we hope that it does not involve the local car wash. The number of problems that come from these types of washes vary from major scratches in the paint, micro-marring, to even a chipped rim. These types of washes use giant brushes, sponges, and cloths that are controlled by a machine to clean your vehicle, so every vehicle is treated the same. These types of washes are a quick and cheap service, so they tend to have a high number of vehicles daily. Which leads to the brushes, sponges, and cloths becoming filthy and covered with contaminates transferring from one vehicle to the next. Just one wash behind these contaminated cloths can lead to thousands of mico-scratches that will lead to the deuterations of your vehicles paint. This is the main cause of paint failure in the vehicles that we see on the road today today.

The Vehicle is the second largest investment in most peoples life behind their homes. You should consider your vehicle and investment and properly look after it as one. The right maintenance regime is key to the longevities of your vehicle life and that all start with keeping it clean and protected. These are some very scary pictures if you are a car enthusiasts. Please know the damage that is involved with these types of car washes before you ever use them. Once again if you have a vehicle over 50,000 dollars do think that it really deserves a 10 dollar car wash?

Mobile Detailers

There is nothing wrong with mobile detailing at all as that is where we started out. The main problem is that it becomes a costly expense to the detailer them self from the cost of gas to the cost of time traveled. This cost is usually is accounted for by the prices of the services that are offered. Where The customer only see a detail that may take 2 hrs to complete. They don't see the the 45 minute drive to the location the 20 minute that it takes to get set and another 20 to clean up after. All of this time is made up by the prices that they offer. Whereas a $100 maintenance wash now becomes a $200 detail to make up for all the time when not working on your vehicle.

Nowadays with Youtube and the Internet the market is being flooded with the d.y.i mobile detailers. These types of guys may offer some packages that sound too good to be true. We've seen way to many multi-stage buff specials for hundred dollars that we have to end up correcting. If you know anything about the paint correction process you understand that paint correction is a multiple stage process that can take up to 20 plus hours to fully correct a vehicle. Any correction must done in a protected enclosed area with the proper lighting to assure professional results. It is a easy process to throw a product on a vehicle to fill in the scratches and make it look better then it did before. This is not paint correction, this is temporally filling the scratches to hide an existing problem. And if not properly done they may remove more clear coat then is needed causing ereversable harm to the vehicle. Remember every vehicles paint is different and has ranging clearcoat thickness. This is why we take measurements of your vehicles paint before we begin so we know how much of the defects we can remove. We also record how much clearcoat we have removed for future services with us.

Commercial photography

Another major problem that mobile detailers face is lighting. Lighting is the most important thing when it comes to detailing a vehicle. We all know that the sun is the main light source that we use when we look at our vehicle. As this is the ultimate source of light it will hide many flaws that can only be seen under certain lighting such as l.e.d's, fluoresces, and halogens found in most garages. Depending on the day and the light range coming from the sun this can all affect the way your paint looks.We take great pride in the environment that we have built so we can properly diagnose and correct your vehicle. We may be a short drive away but we feel that the environment, the process, and the time that we use when working on your vehicle makes for a unmatched detail experience.


Most frequent questions and answers

Most of our members settle for nothing but the best when it come to the service that they want to receive.  We have set up a program to constantly provide service for our members and their needs. We all know that your car is never going to stay clean or spotless. And as local car washes and mobile detailers are available we all know the dangers of the local car washes and how expensive a mobile detailers can be. That is why we have provided the ultimate  garage for our members so that they know they are receiving the best service at a fair price.

Once you become a memebr you will recive our app that will maket it easy aceess to view and book appointmnet

Depending on the vehicle times may vary but we strive to complete each of our details in under an hour. So you may wait in our waiting room or drop your vehicle off with us and pick up once your wash is completed.


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